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TacoBot : Stackable Coding Robot for Kids

Learning & Education
Brand: STEMOurHub

TacoBot robot teaches kids to code. World’s first stackable coding robot aiming to bring kids an intuitive and interesting start to STEM learning.

1200 g
Microcontroller model
STM32 Hight-Perfomance Processor
What’s the best way to engage kids in STEM learning?

Simple, cool, meaningful, (and most importantly) interesting and fun activities! That’s why we created TacoBot, an easy-to-program robot that can play fun and stimulating games.

TacoBot is a stackable coding robot toy. With its flexible structure and rich optional components, one TacoBot implements the functions of other robots in one kit, so that it can meet the various needs of the children form 4-8.

  • Multiple functions and interactions
  • Learn to Code
  • Learn Early STEM Skills
  • Promoting Problem-solving Skills
  • Get Kids Interested in Tech


In order to meet the creative needs of children, TacoBot has abundant expansion possibilities. Children can replace TacoBot’s body parts, add plug-in devices to TacoBot, and even assemble Lego to give TacoBot different capabilities and discover more gameplay.

Various Sensor Combinations

TacoBot has some different hats, corresponding to sound sensors, ultrasonic sensors and light sensors, which allow TacoBot to detect the corresponding signals and bring a variety of interactive fun.

Body Extension

TacoBot can currently be equipped with three types of extension: forklift, plate, and catapult. Combined with different hats, TacoBot can be transformed into a little naughty robot or a little intimate helper.

Compatible with LEGO’s Body

TacoBot’s body is compatible with Lego! Children can match Lego to make TacoBot a full-featured look. It means every child can have a unique TacoBot by they own!

Multiple interactions

With various functioning components and add-on equipment, TacoBot enjoys plenty of possibilities and provides endless joy to the kids.

Property Value
Weight & dimensions
Weight 1200 g
Battery technology Lithium
Battery voltage 5 V
Power source type Battery
Technical details
Microcontroller model STM32 Hight-Perfomance Processor
Battery life (max) 4 h
Sensor type Tracking,Ultrasonic,Button Programming,Infrared control,Sound
LED indicators Y
Built-in speaker(s)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 117x90x147