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RoboHero Programmable Humanoid Robot

Learning & Education
Brand: STEMOurHub

RoboHero is the perfect way for anyone to get into the fun and exciting world of robotics! RoboHero is the most perfect entry level scientific servo control toy which is suitable to learn through the open source Andruino control board.

Microcontroller model
RoboHero V3.0 (Arduino IDE Compatible)

Meet your new robot companion!

  • 17 axist can be freely controlled
  • 3D printable parts to build your unique RoboHero
  • Through Arduino 1.5.6 IDE to take full control of RoboHero movements and actions
  • Download the free app to control your robot with Apple and Android devices
  • Free downloadable more cool motion scripts on official website
  • Can transform into a spider, ant, or anyting you want
  • Use 160 degrees micro servo to enhance flexbility and reduce maintenance costs
Perfect Size as Your Robot Companion

With its height around 25cm, the RoboHero is well fitted to undergo explorations on desks, floors, or any other surroundings. It is also a good size to entertain your pets or toddlers. The RoboHero will be your best companion and add color for you through the daily grind.

Power of Engineering

Using innovative reconfiguration and simple accessory additions, a new series of robots is born.
Whether it be the process of building it or the actual operation, it can bring out the best of the builder’s creativity and logical ability, serving as a great learning tool.

Blockly Visual Code Editor

The Blockly editor uses interlocking, graphical blocks to represent code concepts. It allows users to apply programming principles without having to worry about syntax or the intimidation of a blinking cursor on the command line.

Scratch Development Platform

Scratch development platform can be used to programmatically your ROBOHERO, users do not need any programming language skills. In the Scratch graphical interface, you can design ROBOHERO instruction program by drag the command boxes.

Arduino IDE Compatible

Programming logic allows you to learn through making it. Most suitable from learning through open source Andruino control board.The perfect entry level scientific servo control toy: ROBOHERO.

Control Your ROBOHERO by Smart APP

Unique 3D model motion editing APP interface. The meticulously designed app allows you to easily create fancy motions and program settings.

Property Value
Weight & dimensions
Width 80 mm
Depth 115 mm
Height 230 mm
Weight 500 g
Technical details
Microcontroller model RoboHero V3.0 (Arduino IDE Compatible)
Remote control type ESP-Wroom-02 WiFi
Packaging content
Batteries included
Battery technology Lithium
USB charging
Battery voltage 7.2 V
Battery capacity 550 mAh
Battery life 45 min
EAN code 4719523570407