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Airblock: The Modular and Programmable Starter Drone

Learning & Education
Brand: STEMOurHub

A transformable, flying robot, made specially for children. Fly anytime, anywhere. All Airblock modules have an innovative magnetic design. Assemble with a single touch and you’re ready to fly!



We’ve incorporated the amazing ability of flight with basic engineering and coding! It’s not only fun and ultra-cool to play, but it gets you to see flight in a whole new way.


With magnetic attachments and modularity, the Airblock drone is only limited by your imagination. We want to encourage the spirit of creation in everyone!

Personalize Airblock with Makeblock App

Airblock supports Bluetooth wireless control though Makeblock App (iOS/Android). Using Makeblock App’s creative function can add more creation with your Airblock. There are more tricks and new modules waiting for your exploration

Recommend Collaboration for Better Control

The bluetooth remote controller comes with 3 built-in airblock control models, you could switch drone/hovercraft/vehicle model freely. Easy to manipulate airblock to make it do flips,”S” curve forward. Some of tricks without opening the menu on the phone, all with a simple way in your hand.

Easy assembly

Airblock is easy to use. Via the unique MakeBlock coding app, children can control their robot with instructions they program themselves. They will be learning to program and create at the same time, through play.

Airblock Fun!

Mini jet car

Turn your aircraft into a car with LEGO blocks or other mechanical parts and use your Airblock as an aircraft engine that thrusts air backward to propel your vehicle forward.

Pneumatic puppets

Utilize your propeller modules to move and manipulate everyday objects like paper cups to create moving puppets that you control by commanding your Airblock.

Wind-driven unicycle

The vertically installed propeller modules makes the unicycle turn and move forward whilthe horizontal propeller modules helps the unicycle turn.

Property Value
Weight & dimensions
Width 330 mm
Depth 409 mm
Height 150 mm
Weight 1501 g
Package weight 2422 g
Technical details
Colour of product Black
Material Polypropylene (PP), Expanded polypropylene (EPP)
Recommended age (min) 8 yr(s)
Method of control Makeblock App
Connections Magnetic
Maximum flight altitude 5 m
Maximum flight time 6 min
Maximum range 10 m
Operating environment Air, Ground, Water
Form factor Six-axis aircraft, Hovercraft, DIY
Battery capacity 700 mAh
Rechargeable battery
EAN code 6928819505926